[ELS] BMW X5 2018 - Kent Police - ARV Pack

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Thanks to KentRPC for sponsoring this release!

This pack contains the two main BMW X5's used by Kent police, armed versions with the Aegis and Justice lightbars.

Vehicle Directory


ELS Directory


-ELS Enabled (ELS file included)

-Boot equipment


-Support multiple liveries(template included)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated


Model - B.Nettleton/W.MasonModel lowered/converted/templated - James RadleyHeadlights - Tim/James RadleyWheels - AdrianKGun locker - D.PeaseLighting equipment - James RadleyInterior equipment - F.Shah/L.WalkerSkin/windows - L.Walker

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July 2022

Sirens are the deafult gta noose file. idk if this can be fixed but i fucking olve this car and hope it can be fixed. ik you probably wont fix it cos you dont get payed for doing it but would be greatly appriciated. thx